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I am stay at home mama of two beautiful children, and a wife to a very loving husband. I was a waitress out of high school, a bookkeeper in my first year of marriage, and a preschool/school age teacher in my 3rd year of marriage. 

I got pregnant with my son unexpectedly! But couldn’t have been better timing, we were thrilled. I never wanted to be a mom that had to work full time, or at all even. The thought gave me high anxiety having to slave away at my previous occupations to pay for someone else to watch my babies. Nope, no thank you. I was very fortunate that our life allowed me to do this. But every marriage, and pregnancy’s have their own things, and we had multiple stresses with both, emotionally and financially. I hated the fact I couldn’t contribute much financially after my daughter was born, and I knew if I went back to work it purely be to pay for childcare.


hi, my name is

I’ve always been a salesman, I love thrifting and reselling things, and I just so happened to find a dresser on Craigslist one day that I knew had value, and character. I figured if I put some paint on it I could put some cash in the bank and help out in my own way. So I did. I walked into a paint store, told them to give me what I needed to get this done, I went home, and during nap time I got to work. I found it surprisingly satisfying.

If you asked me over a year ago that I would start up a home business flipping furniture, I would’ve laughed at you and thought you were crazy. Saying it out loud I still think I’m crazy. But I love It and I can be at home with my kids at the same time. Not only do I love what I do, I feel so great being able to contribute a little bit to our family .

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